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Letter Writing as an art and form of communication

Letter writing is both an art form and a means of communication. Unfortunately, letter writing has been on a steep decline. In two months, I will be 25, and I’ve only ever gotten a handful of letters over the course of my life. I receive birthday cards almost every year (which I love), but it’s a rare day that I get an actual letter.

As a kid, I would get so excited when it was close to my birthday because I knew there would be a card in the mail for me. Still, to this day, I love the idea of getting something in the mail. The desire to have mail has never really left me. It might seem strange to miss a time you were never really a part of, but I do. I miss the era of letter writing.

Letter Writing is Meaningful Form of Communication

Yes, there are other means of communication, like texting or calling, but a letter is different than either of those. A letter is a tangible gift- the recipient can physically touch it and store it away for many years. Letters can also serve as personal memories. Imagine having a letter from a loved one who passed away. How amazing would it be to see his handwriting in a letter that he specifically addressed to you? I’m not saying texting and calling aren’t important forms of communications; they are. What I’m trying to say is that letter writing is still a meaningful form of communication. I would hate to see it go obsolete.

A week or so ago, I created a Mail Challenge where I wrote ten letters to ten people. I also created 10 aesthetically pleasing envelopes with bows, ribbons, and a wax seal with dried flowers on the back for my letters to go inside. When my aunt received her letter from the Mail Challenge, she reached out to thank me for the letter. My aunt said that my letter put a smile on her face. She also told me she took pictures of the envelope because it looked so fancy.

A day later I sent my aunt a link to my website, so she could see the articles I wrote about the Mail Challenge. My aunt texted back saying “Awesome… I have my letter and envelope in my top drawer. Will be keeping it for ever!” This message really warmed my heart and made me happy because it shows that letters really are miniature gifts that we can give to our loved ones.

If you want a letter, send a letter!

For those of you who like the idea of getting letters in the mail, I recommend that you send some yourself. Lead by example. Sending out letters to others won’t guarantee that you will get a letter back, but it does guarantee that more letters are being circulated. Unless you put ribbon and bows on, then maybe a couple, if not all, will be declined. Two of the letters I created for the Mail Challenge didn’t go through because the post office wouldn’t send them with the ribbon and bows. However, most of the post office centers did deliver my letters, so that’s a plus!

In the end, if you want a letter, send a letter because chances are someone else wants a letter too! You never know, the letters you send might have a ripple effect and lead others to send out letters themselves. After my uncle’s wife got the letter I sent her she asked me for my address and told me that she wanted to send me a letter in return. My grandpa on my step-dad’s side texted me and told me that the letter I gave him was a real blessing. There are a lot of people out there who appreciate letters. Let’s not let letter writing become obsolete.

Comment and Share Your Experience

If you send a letter or complete the entire Mail Challenge, please comment below and share your experience! Here is a link to the Mail Challenge Article: Mail Challenge: Writing 10 letters to 10 different people.

Maybe just maybe the era of letter writing will begin again. Or at the very least, writing letters won’t become totally obsolete.

Happy Mailing Everyone!

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