Author: Elaina Luna

🔒 Noah & Asella

Vol. 1 Installment 1: Too Fall Away. Noah slightly opened the door and popped his head inside. “Breakfast is ready,” he said smiling at his wife. Asella only half heard him. She let out a deep sigh and continued to stare hopelessly at her computer. “What’s wrong?” Noah asked, his eyebrows furring with worry. “Oh, […]

🔒 The Non-Compliant

Chapter 1: Tell Me Your Name. Despite my better judgment, I stopped running. I could no longer endure the pain. My right hand immediately covered the bullet lodged in my left side. I couldn’t help but gasp for air. By the time the Enforcers arrived, so much blood had poured out of my side that […]

🔒 Adelaida

Vol. 1. Installment 1: I Quit! “That’s it!” I huffed, slamming the door shut. “I’m quitting,” I said, throwing my work bag on the floor. My best friend calmly folded her arms and raised her eyebrow at me. “Don’t look at me like that. I’m serious this time,” I said, enraged. I could feel my […]

🔒 Working for a Delayed Reward Can Boost Goal Persistence

Long-term goals, like losing weight, writing a book, or buying a house, are achieved by consistently completing short-term goals, like working out, reaching a word-count, or saving money (Sharif & Woolley,1). People often start off motivated to reach their long-term goal, but after a couple of days of completing short-term tasks, especially tasks that aren’t […]

🔒 How to Protect Employees Against the Monday Blues

The Monday Blues is the idea that employees “start the week with a negative attitude” because the weekend has ended and the workweek has just begun (Pindek et al., 1449). This bad mood increases sensitivity to work stressors, specifically incivility and work constraints (1449).  Past research has shown that workplace incivility can lead to “decreased […]

🔒 Why You Hate Your Job on Mondays

            Buzz, buzz. You reluctantly turn off your alarm clock and look at your phone. It’s Monday. You let out a sigh. The weekend has finally come to an end. A sense of dread washes over you as you think about all the work that needs to get done. When you get to work everyone […]

🔒 Avoid Giving Out Illegitimate Tasks

            If you want happy employees, avoid giving out illegitimate tasks. Illegitimate tasks are tasks that go against “what can be expected in a given role or position” (1637). These tasks “are incongruent with an employee’s occupation or professional identity” (1637). Illegitimate tasks can be separated into two categories: unreasonable tasks and unnecessary tasks. Unreasonable […]

🔒 Beautiful People: Perceived as More Hireable

 It turns out beautiful people have an unfair advantage at work. Research has found that attractive individuals have a higher pay, are promoted more often, and are more likely to receive a positive work evaluation (Tu, 120). One reason for this is that society prefers attractive people over unattractive people (120). It’s also well-known that […]