Category: June 2022

🔒 Why You Should Conduct Practice Interviews

Have you ever participated in a mock interview before? I haven’t. Well, I have never participated in a professional mock interview. However, I have sat down and reluctantly answered my mom’s interview questions while she pretended to be the interviewer who would ultimately decide if I got hired. It was a rather uncomfortable experience. I […]

🔒 How Bosses Impact Turnover Rate

 What is the ideal boss? I asked a handful of people to name three characteristics that they wanted in their ideal boss. The qualities that were wanted weren’t complex or difficult to achieve, but rather simple and straightforward. In addition, I analyzed a research article that studied how managers’ behavior impacts employee turnover rate. The […]

🔒 Unemployment’s Negative Impact on Mental Health

 If you are unemployed, or have ever been unemployed, it probably isn’t surprising to hear that multiple studies have found that unemployment has a negative impact on mental health. Nursel Aydiner-Avsar and Chiara Piovani’s study in particular analyzed the impact that unemployment had on the mental health of men and women separately. Their article, The […]