7 Ways to Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate! Also, if no one told you yet, congratulations!

Most of us tend to fixate on all that we haven’t accomplished. We hardly take notice of all the little things we accomplish every day. Unfortunately, for some of us, when we do accomplish those really big goals, we don’t take the time to celebrate them.

I remember in high school I didn’t walk for graduation even though I had gotten really good grades. I also didn’t walk for my bachelor’s degree, even though I graduated a year and a half early. Actually, I don’t think I celebrated getting my bachelor’s degree at all. Walking for graduation isn’t the only way to celebrate, but the point is, I didn’t really celebrate all the work that I had done to graduate a year and a half early.

Now, I try to celebrate all of my wins, even wins that seem like losses. With my grandma, I have celebrated quitting jobs a couple of times, actually. I also like to celebrate when I do get a job. Right now, I am in the process of completing my thesis for my master’s degree. Thankfully, I have 30 pages down. When I finish my thesis, I will finally be able to graduate. This thesis isn’t easy, and I know that when I complete it, I will be CELEBRATING!!!

I hope you take the time to celebrate your accomplishments as well! Here are 7 Ways to Celebrate Your Accomplishments:

1. Throw a Party

You can throw a large party, or a mini party. Invite your friends and family, and celebrate all that you’ve accomplished. Put decorations up to show that this really is a celebration for you and all your accomplishments. In addition, get cake and ice-cream, and let your loved one’s sing “Congratulations to you!” Or, sing congratulations to yourself!

2.Give Yourself Praise

You just worked really hard to accomplish your goals. Give yourself some credit. Let yourself know that you are so proud of yourself for all your accomplishments. Don’t be afraid to celebrate yourself accomplishments out loud. My go-to phrase to say out loud is usually “I’m a genius!” I say it to myself and I will my family as well. Your go-to phrase might be something different. Maybe you say, “I did such a great job” or “I’m amazing!” Allow yourself to give yourself praise. You just accomplished one of your goals. If a friend or family member accomplished a goal, you would probably congratulate them, so do the same for yourself.

3. Go Out to Your Favorite Restaurant

Another way to celebrate your accomplishments is to go out to your favorite restaurant. This can be a morning brunch with your best friends, or even a dinner. Pick your favorite restaurant and buy your favorite meal. Also, save some room for dessert. Today is your big day, if you want to have a delicious brownie topped with vanilla ice-cream with hot fudge drizzled on top, then get!

Alternatively, you can go to a fancy restaurant that you’ve never been to before. This is your time to celebrate all that you’ve accomplished. Go out and explore a restaurant that you’ve always wanted to try. My fancy restaurant of choice (although I have already been), would be Fleming’s. They have the best steak I have ever had in my life. I am so excited to one day go again!

4. Buy Yourself a Gift

If you have been wanting something specific for a long time, and you can afford it, then buy it for yourself. You can buy yourself something big or something small. For example, you can give yourself flowers or go to the store and buy a new outfit. Maybe you’ve been telling yourself “Once I get this promotion or this job, I will buy myself a brand-new purse.” Well, now is the time! If you can afford that purse that you’ve been eyeing for months now, then treat yourself to a new purse. You just accomplished a big goal of yours. Celebrate your accomplishments. Buy yourself a gift that is meaningful to you.

5. Go on a Vacation

Another way to celebrate your accomplishments is by going on a vacation. This one sounds so fun! If you can go on a vacation, then go! Pick a place that you’ve always been wanting to go. For me, that would-be Poland or Italy. For you, that might be somewhere else. Either way, go have fun! This is such an exciting way to celebrate your accomplishments. You can explore a new city or a new country. Feel all the joy that you possibly can.

 Also, note that if it isn’t feasible for you to go out of the country, you can still go to a new state or a new city within the state you already live in. Admittedly, I have never been out of the country before, but I really want to in the future. Over the summer, I plan on going to Wyoming. Even though Wyoming is not out of the U.S., I know I’m going to have a lot of fun because I’ve never been there before. Overall, there are so many vacation options out there. If you love to travel, then going on a vacation would be an excellent way to celebrate your accomplishments.

6. Treat Yourself to a Day of Relaxation

You just accomplished your goals; this almost certainly was a lot of hard work on your part. With that in mind, take some time to relax. Invite your friends over and have an at-home spa day. You can celebrate your accomplishments by reflecting on all that you’ve done while relaxing. If you want to celebrate in a bigger way, you can pay to relax at a nice hotel with your closest friends.

7. Allow Yourself to Feel Happy

Lastly, allow yourself to be happy. This one’s probably the biggest! You worked really hard. Stop worrying so much. Stop being hard on yourself. Don’t immediately jump into thinking that what you just accomplished wasn’t good enough, and that you need to accomplish more. Press pause, and allow yourself to feel happy. Be in the moment. Smile. Laugh. Sing. Dance. Scream in excitement for all that you’ve done.

Don’t let all of your accomplishments slip by without celebrating them. Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate!

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